This sites subject has been modified. Now it is for all those interested.

I have made some mIRC add-ons that can come in handy to anyone (4 tutorials aswell). I am working on new ones. Please remember: all mIRC add-ons are dedicated to the pleasure of scripting. Therefor you are responsable for any scripts you use and the way you do it.

NOTE: I created the mIRC add-ons section because i found a lot of crap scripts and add-ons on the net too. Scripting is a pleasure. I can't understand why a scripter would want to publish something silly, unefficient, uneeded. This is absurd! Therefor, all my add-ons are very practical and, most of them, do stuff that no other add-on has done before!:D Some do the same as other existing add-ons. But I don't trust those. I don't think the scripters use those add-ons, like I do.

In the Undernet section you can find out how to do special things, specific to Undernet, what bugs exist and what can you do about them.

NOTE: Not all bugs have sollutions.

The music section contains different songs, specially chosen because they're funny. There are no viruses with them, they are mp3 format to listen to them directly from this website if you want, and, of course, they are free. Enjoy your audition!

NOTE: Everything found on this site is free to copy, distribute, ONLY IF UNMODIFIED!!!