mIRC is for long time the best IRC client for Windows OS users. It's complete help file (mirc.hlp) and the multiple scripts, add-ons, tutorials and manuals available on the net makes it the most used IRC client ever!

mIRC requiers to be registered, but if you don't nothing will hapend. So chill!

I made some mIRC add-ons that are free to use and distribute in unmodified form. There are some IRC Operators scripts, some scripters scripts, some games, and some regular users scripts. I hope you will find them interesting and that you will enjoy them. If you have any suggestions/ complaints about them email me! Remember! I take no responsability of what you do with these add-ons. I have created them just because I like scripting.

mIRCs pages are: htpt://www.mIRC.com and http://www.mIRC.co.uk. mIRC scripting websites are: http://www.mircscripts.com and http://www.mircscripts.org. There are more, but these will most dephenatly satisfy your needs if you are beginner or medium as mIRC knowledge.

Enjoy mIRC! :D