Undernet is one of the oldest IRC networks.

Few things you should know about Undernet. First of all, Undernet is one of the top 3 largest IRC networks in the world. Undernet has 5 committees and 7 subcommittees. Find about that at http://www.undernet.org. There you will also fin the list of current servers, and the ports to wich you can connect, for all of them.

Undernet Official channels:

#CService - X and Channel Service help (http://cservice.undernet.org ; http://cservice.undernet.org/live)

#UserService - USB bot (replacement bot untill X arives for the incoming/pending/ready for review channels; http://userservice.undernet.org)

#OpSchool - X lessons - CService staff

#Coder-Com - ircd and X developing (http://www.coder-com.undernet.org)

#User-Com - volunteer users help other users (7 sibcommitees) - User Committee (http://www.user-com.undernet.org)

#Userguide - Official live help channel (User-Com subcommittee) (http://www.user-com.undernet.org/userguide)

#Class - IRC lessons (User-Com subcommittee) (http://www.user-com.undernet.org/class)

#LiveEvents - special events live on IRC (User-Com subcommittee) (http://www.user-com.undernet.org/promotions)

#Routing-Com - Routing Committee (linking new servers to Undernet) (http://www.routing-com.undernet.org)

There are other Official Channels, but most of them are secret. Now, other usefull channels:

#zT & #nastrand - oper help channels

#ajuda - Spanish help channels

#ajutor - Romanian help channel

#mIRC - best mIRC scripting help channel (oldest too; http://www.mirc.com)

Ok, now some usefull urls:

http://www.user-com.undernet.org/docs - Documents User-Com subcommittee. Get from here a lot of IRC knowledge.

http://www.cservice.undernet.org/docs - CService documents regarding X commands and other info.

http://www.morcscripts.com & http://www.mircscripts.org - mIRC scripts, addons, bots, tutorials, etc.

Some basic things that you can do on Undernet, and how to do it.

Undernet provides every one the posibility to protect him/her self from attacks by letting everyone mask their ip. Fo that you need to make a username for X (http://cservice.undernet.org/live/newuser.php - you will be required a email address. Use your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a payd email address, cause, due to many abuses, most free emailing domains have been blocked. After you complete the form, you will receive an email with your activation link, wich you must click within 3 days. The most idiot thing you could do is forget your username. It is the only on for wich there is NO WAY to get it). If you have any problems with that, /join #CService and email object@undernet.org. Ok, now you have a new username, called "bla", for instance. Ok, now you can register a channel (login at http://cservice.undernet.org/live and click "Register a channel"), you can get a lot of access on a lot of channels (see X commands here: http:cservice.undernet.org/docs/xcmds.txt - text format, http:cservice.undernet.org/docs/xcmds.hlp - .hlp file format - nicer, my oppinion) but most important you can protect your ip/mask wich are ussualy shown in a </userip nick> or even </whois nick> command. How? Easy! X is actualy a server-bot. Therefor, it can change modes for other users. And if you set yourself +x after logging in, X will make your ip/mask that you had, lol.users.undernet.org - in our case. Trust me, there is no way to find what ip or mask is behind that X user mask from IRC. And if IRC is the only place someone knows you from, you are totaly safe.

If some dude dares to take your channel, just do /who 0 o (0 is zero) or /join #zT or /join #nastrand and ask for help there. An IRC Operator is always ready to help you!

Ok, you know there are a lot of unseen parts of any IRC network. mIRC however, allows you to see it. Just open a debug window (</debug @raw> for instance) and watch how the server comunicates with you mIRC.

Ok, you need mode commands ? You need more info about anything related to IRC, internet, computers, and live help is the best and fastest option? The ONLY Official help channel on Undernet is #Userguide. And trust me, there is a reason for this. Not that others don't help good or anything, but being from the begining an Official Undernet help channel, it had more responsabilities than other lusers (lusers = local users; users = IRC Operators = opers) help channels. So there is a big part of every helpers life there, in wich he trains and learns how to be the best he can for those that need help (read this, and you will understand me: http://www.user-com.undernet.org/userguide/guidelines.php). Feel free to come here and ask anything.

There are some interdictions on Undernet though. I will only mention a few of them, the most common and the most dangerous for users:

1) No mode than 2 connections from the same host (you can rarely do that. but keep in mind that if any oper finds you with more than 2 connections, you'll get killed and all 3 of them will disconnect).

2) Don't try to do a take-over, to spam, to download or to let others download from you Copyright materials. In this area you will NOT be helped on any help channel whose users have some knowledge and not just lame tricks.

3) Multipls CService usernames is FORBIDDEN! CService hunts down multiple usernames all the time. So you should be very carefull.

4) Don't take a IRC Operators nick! He has the right to do a kill (disconnect you) for impersonating. And, in general, don't offend any Officials. Though not all can or will kill you, we are all volunteers so we might aswell not help you when you will need the most. We DON'T forget!

That would be about all. Remember to email me if you need any more info or would like smth added to this website.

Enjoy Undernet! :D